Natural Citrus Enzymatic Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Our all natural enzyme cleaner is applied to the carpet, with special attention to spots and stains, using a pressurized sprayer so the amount of moisture going on to the carpet can be controlled. Carpets were not designed to be heavily saturated, and can increase mildew buildup and mold.

Our enzyme cleaner actually breaks down and digests proteins, which is what stains and odors are.

The cleaner goes down into the carpet and that combined with the friction and heat of our bonnet cleaning system pulls the stains up instead of driving them down.

Our cotton pad pulls the dirt onto it and out of your carpet. When you steam clean you are saturating your carpet and the water is going down into the pad along with the dirt.

Natural Citrus Enzymatic Carpet and Ulpholstery Cleaning
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