Carpet Health and Maintenance

Anatomy of a carpet fiber:

When you think about how often your carpet is stepped on and how much pressure is applied to it over the years, it has to withstand a lot.

As carpet fibers are exposed to everyday living they slowly start to break down. Regular vacuuming and cleaning (especially with protectant) will help with the longevity of the fibers but inevitably they will break down over the years and there will actually be gaps between the fibers.

This can make certain areas of your carpet look different even when they are cleaned because the physical structures of the fibers are different in that area. If a carpet is 20 years old and has never been cleaned, it will definitely make the carpet look better but it can’t rebuild the carpet fibers; no cleaning process can. That is why it is important to buy good quality carpet and to care for your investment with regular cleanings.

Pet stains:

Pet stains can be one of the tougher stains to take care of, especially cat stains which can get worse over time. The chemical makeup of cat urine can penetrate the carpet pad and go down into the subflooring; and if it’s against a wall it can go into the drywall as well. Our pet treatment is a super concentrated version of our citrus cleaner.

It is always important to have good ventilation and airflow when cleaning carpets because air circulation is the best and fastest way to dry carpets.

When the citrus is breaking down and digesting pet stains they essentially off gas into the air and need proper ventilation so the odors can exit the home and not reenter back into the carpet or other fibers.

Sometimes during the cleaning process it will smell worse before it smells better because the citrus is activating the stain. The important thing to remember is that this is actually removing the odor/stain and not just covering it up. The smell should start to dissipate and go away as the proteins are removed from the carpet and then the air.

What to expect when you get your carpets cleaned:

When we arrive, we will first do a walk through with you to see exactly what you would like cleaned. This also allows you to point out any spots or problem areas that you would like addressed. We will look at the size of the area, the type of carpet, traffic areas, and how heavily stained they are.

We will then give you an itemized invoice with the exact cost of the job. After the walk through, your carpets will be thoroughly vacuumed with a triple hepa filtration commercial vacuum.

Next our all natural citrus cleaner will be applied to the carpet, with special attention to spots and stains, using a pressurized sprayer so the amount of moisture going on to the carpet can be controlled. Carpets were not designed to be heavily saturated, and our low moisture system allows for deep cleaning without having to saturate your carpets.

Our citrus cleaner actually breaks down and digests proteins, which is what stains and odors are.

The cleaner goes down into the carpet and that combined with the friction and heat of our bonnet cleaning system pulls the stains up instead of driving them down.

Our cotton pad pulls the dirt onto it and out of your carpet. When you steam clean you are saturating your carpet and the water is going down into the pad along with the dirt.

No matter how strong the suction, you can’t pull all the water out, leaving essentially dirty water in your carpet which can lead to reoccurring stains. Not to mention the higher chance of mold and mildew the longer the carpet is wet.

The quick dry time of our method coupled with the mold/mildew inhibitor in our citrus cleaner ensures the most beneficial method of cleaning. This process will not leave a residue on your carpet and we offer additional deodorizer/protectant that can be applied in the solution. This helps protect the carpet between cleanings by reducing the chance of dirt and spills setting in and dying the fibers. It also helps with the wear of carpet fibers.

There are several steps you can take to keep your carpets in the best possible health:

  1. Vacuuming every few days is the best thing you can do for prolonging the life of your carpet. Even every other day if there is extensive traffic or pets. When dirt sits on your carpet for an extended period of time it essentially gets ground into the fibers and acts like sandpaper every time pressure is applied on it when you walk across it.
  2. Cleaning up stains as soon as possible after they happen; this is the best chance of preventing the stain from setting in and dyeing the fibers.
  3. Regular professional cleaning; most houses only need to be done every 6-12 months depending on traffic or pet issues. Commercial can be every 4-6 months.we would be more than happy to help you decide what time frame is best for you as every situation is unique.

General Costs:

All rooms are different and this is a guideline to the average cost. The general rate is .28¢/sq. foot (depending on the severity of stains and heavy traffic) and the technician will give you an exact cost of the job before he begins.

We are more than happy to give you an estimate over the phone, however if you need an exact estimate we ask that you schedule the estimate for a time when the job can go ahead and be performed if you are satisfied with the price. This helps keep our costs down and allows us to pass on these savings to our customers.

It also helps us with our eco-philosophy by keeping down our carbon footprint.

Minimum charge-$110(Sequim and Port Angeles); $150(Joyce); $150(Port Townsend)

Discounts: We are proud to offer a 10% discount for military, seniors, and returning customers.

One discount per service. Returning customers must rebook at time of service and it must be scheduled within a one year period. Keep a lookout on our website for special deals and coupons!

Carpet Health and Maintenance