Pet Stains

Pet stains can be one of the tougher stains to take care of, especially cat stains which can get worse over time. The chemical makeup of cat urine can penetrate the carpet pad and go down into the subflooring; and if it’s against a wall it can go into the drywall as well. Our pet treatment is a super concentrated version of our citrus cleaner.

It is always important to have good ventilation and airflow when cleaning carpets because air circulation is the best and fastest way to dry carpets.

When the citrus is breaking down and digesting pet stains they essentially off gas into the air and need proper ventilation so the odors can exit the home and not reenter back into the carpet or other fibers.

Sometimes during the cleaning process it will smell worse before it smells better because the citrus is activating the stain. The important thing to remember is that this is actually removing the odor/stain and not just covering it up. The smell should start to dissipate and go away as the proteins are removed from the carpet and then the air.

Pet Stains