Natural Carpet Cleaning in Port Angeles and Sequim

We now have a new, natural, hospital grade disinfectant available that is an effective germicide, fungicide, and virucide. It is effective against SARS / Covid 19 virus.

Ecoclean Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning provides Natural Carpet Cleaning in Port Angeles & Sequim.

Our cleaning process uses an all natural citrus derived enzyme cleaner that is non-toxic and safe to use around kids, pets and people who suffer from allergies and sensitivities. The low moisture system prevents the carpet from being saturated and allows it to dry within a couple of hours.

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About Ecoclean

We are a small, family business located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest! Ecoclean was started in 1998 and has a collective experience in the industry for over 23 years.

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Service Area

Ecoclean proudly serves all of Clallam County including:

  • Sequim
  • Port Angeles

Jeff is a down to earth guy who works hard and just wants to get the job done right. He is fast and efficient at carpet cleaning and does a great job. Thanks Jeff!

-Stephanie Gray

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Natural Cleaning

Our all natural citrus cleaner is applied to the carpet, with special attention to spots and stains, using a pressurized sprayer so the amount of moisture going on to the carpet can be controlled.

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Free tips

We offer some free tips for your carpets!

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  • Pet Stains

Carpet Health

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Natural Carpet Cleaning in Port Angeles and Sequim